Across The Board Betting

Across The Board is one of the most popular betting types. It’s not much different than a Show bet, in the sense that you’re betting on a horse to finish either first, second or third. The difference is this: If your horse finishes 3rd, you collect only on the show bet. If your horse finishes 2nd, you collect on two bets; place and show. If your horse finishes 1st, you collect on all three. The difference between this and a “Show” bet is that when you bet a horse to show it is only one bet on either of the 3 places.


How to bet on Horses
There are multiple different horse races to bet on, and many different types of bets offered also. We are here to help explain more in-depth the different types of horse racing bets, and explain how they work.
What is Win Place Show?
These are probably the easiest bets to understand, and with it, comes various levels of risk for the bettor.
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