What is a Baseball Salami?

The Grand Salami bet is a Totals wager only available to certain sports and baseball is one of them. It is an interesting bet because of all the aspects that come into play. After all, this is a wager combining all the run totals from one day of baseball. The baseball season is long and teams play every day creating a great market for the MLB Grand Salami.

The payouts vary as with any bet. However, you’ll typically find them in the EVEN to +/- 120 range. There are many key factors that come into play when the oddsmakers set the number and these should be considered before placing any MLB Grand Salami bet.

MLB Grand Salami Bets

How many teams are playing that night.

This plays heavily into the total run count, obviously. However, the more MLB Grand Salami bets you play, the more you will notice how the number of games will directly affect the oddsmakers total runs number.

Which pitchers are starting?

The pitchers are the most important part of a baseball team. Good pitching beats good hitting every time. The starting pitchers are going to eat up most of the innings of any game while bullpens act as a single unit to finish off a game. Know the teams’ pitching staffs. It will be more important than offense.

Are there high scoring teams playing?

As mentioned, the MLB season is a long one and the teams play almost every day. Pitching just can’t always keep up due to injuries or simply some much needed rest. This is when hitting in the MLB can really shine. Look for good hitting teams with a good pitching matchup to bring you a ton of runs.

Where the teams are playing?

One of the truly unique aspects of baseball are the stadiums. There are no rules or regulations when it comes to designing your stadium outside of having a regulation mound and diamond. The foul territory, the distance to the center field wall, how high the wall is are all arbitrary numbers that differ in every ballpark. Therefore, some ballparks are“Hitters Parks” and some are “Pitchers Parks.” Learn these parks. Teams just don’t score as much in Oakland as they do in Houston and the parks are a big reason why.

The MLB Grand Salami bet is an interesting bet with plenty of value. There is much to consider though to make an informed wager. Understanding all the ways runs are scored and why is an important aspect. With a little time and plenty of intel, you can make the MLB Grand Salami work for you.


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