What is Halftime Wagering?

Halftime wagering has become increasingly popular over the last 3 years. There’s usually lots of wagering action packed into 15-20 minutes, which can make for very rapid line moves, so make sure you plan out what play you want before turning on your computer or picking up your phone as you won’t have much time to second guess yourselves. Sportsbooks offer Halftime wagering because they make money on commissions, so the more that is wagered, the more they can make. As a player, you need to be aware that this extra wagering opportunity can be very profitable if used with discipline and in the right situation.

Halftime Wagering is available for football and basketball, and is wagering on the score of the second half only, including Overtime if applicable. The lines become available at or near the end of the first half, and are available only until the second half starts. This makes Halftime wagering very different from other forms of sports wagering. For most events, you can handicap the game well in advance and you can spend lots of time shopping for the best line to give you the best chance of winning. With halftime betting, you have little or no time to handicap or to shop for the best line, but you do have the advantage of having seen the teams play. Book managers do not have time to handicap halftime lines either (they rely on a comparison of their handicapping for the entire game, the action on the game and the score to determine their halftime line) and no sportsbook can watch every game, so if you are watching an event where the score is not indicative of the actual play, you may be able to take advantage of the lines and find a very juicy play. Perhaps one team was hit with a rash of injuries, or is in foul trouble, or rallied late in the first half and looks to have momentum – situations like these can be very profitable for disciplined players. With Halftime wagering, the bettor has an advantage in getting to watch the teams play before wagering, and the House has an advantage in that players have very little time to handicap or shop for lines.


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