What is a Hockey Grand Salami Bet?

The NHL Grand Salami is a classic hockey bet. Why bet on one game at a time when you can bet on all of them at one time? And that is what the NHL Grand Salami is all about. It’s a Totals bet on all of the goals scored on one particular day. Just like any other OVER/UNDER bet just bigger.

The payouts will vary as with any bet but you will usually find them in the EVEN to +/- 120 range. Many factors play into the number the oddsmakers set and should be taken into consideration before making a bet.

  • How many teams are playing that night. This obviously plays into the total goal count. The more of these bets you play, you’ll notice how the number of games will affect the oddsmakers total goals number.
  • Which goalies are playing? The goalies are the most important players on defenses. A good goalie can completely alter a game and severely limit scoring. While a goalie having an off night can give up a lot of goals. It is also wise to watchout for fill-in goalies called up from the minors in emergency situations and rookies in general.
  • Are high scoring teams playing? Or are more defensive teams playing? Over the course of an NHL season, teams earn these designations and it is wise to note who they are and when they play.
  • Where the teams are playing? Home ice makes a difference in scoring. Some teams score more at home. Some teams have trouble scoring at all on the road.
  • Are any teams playing back-to- back games? Tired teams won’t score as much. The NHL schedule is brutal. It’s a long season and often games are played back-to- back with no rest. It’s smart to note when teams are playing the second game of a back-to- back, on a long road trip, or playing earlier in the day.

NHL Grand Salami bets can also be more specific to include only certain aspects of the game. You can find NHL Home Grand Salami bets as well as Visitor Grand Salami bets. These play out the same but with only the home team goals or the visitor team goals counted. You can also find Grand Salami bets on certain periods. These bets will include only the totals from the 1st period, 2nd period, or 3rd period.


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