What are Hockey Periods Bet?

Usually bets are placed on the final score of the game. Hockey period betsare not. They are placed on the specific periods in the game. A moneyline, puckline, and OVER/UNDER will all be set for the totals of the periods for bettors to wager on.

It is important to note which period you are wagering on and that the bet is on goals scored in that period only. No matter the bet (moneyline, puck line, OVER/UNDER) and no matter goals scored in any other period.

For example:

● Team A is losing 3-1 vs Team B after the first period.

● You have taken Team A on the moneyline in the second period. So, the goals from the first period will not be counted toward your bet. Only the goals of the second period.

● In the second period, Team A has scored one goal and Team B has not scored. Team B still has the lead in the game 3-2 but lost the second period 1-0 so you have won your bet.

First period betting is the most popular of the hockey period bets. There are 4 to 5 goals scored on average in the first period of every NHL game. Teams try to get out in front as quick as they can, scoring as much as possible as soon as possible. Then, once a lead is established, they can settle down and play defense. The hockey bettors know this better than anyone and this is what makes first period betting so popular.

Third period betting is also quite popular. It’s commonly used as a hedge bet. This simply means the wagers played by the bettor aren’t looking too good so the bettor places a third period bet to make a little money back. As you can imagine, this can happen quite often. However, a third period wagers are also popular because bettors gain a feel for the game over the first two periods. Understanding the ebb and flow of a game is critical to making an informed hockey bet.


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