What are Hockey props?

A prop bet, or proposition bet, is a very general term in sports betting. The reason being is because a prop bet can be on any aspect of the game. There are literally thousands and thousands of prop bets to wager on. Proposition bets on team stats, on player stats, on scoring, on if there is a score at all, on who scores first, on coin flips. If you can think it up, there is a prop bet for it. Every sport has prop bets and hockey is no different.

Hockey props are very popular when compared to other sports. There are many reasons for this. Most notably, it’s because hockey is such a low scoring sport. There are no real point spreads after all, only the puck line. Not many different players score. So, oddsmakers are forced to try to find as many bets as they can. Hence the hockey prop bet.

One of the more popular hockey prop bets is the “Who will score first” prop. As with any prop, this bet takes on many forms. First, it’s which team will score first and, yes, it’s as straightforward as that. You pick the team you think will score first. The odds are typically the same regardless of who you pick. Then more props will give odds to which player scores first. These odds will pay much better which makes them much more popular.

Another popular hockey prop bet is the “Score in the first 10 minutes” prop. NHL teams are trying to score early and often. Because hockey is such a low scoring sport, any score at any time changes the game. The odds will usually pay out more for a “NO” bet but it will depend on the teams.

There will also be Totals prop bets. These OVER/UNDER bets specific to certain stats. Total goals scored for both teams as well as total goals scored for each team. Total shots on goal for both teams as well as total shots on goal for each team. And on and on and on.

Hockey prop bets will also include bets on specific players and their individual performances. Goals, penalty minutes, face-offs won. It depends on the sportsbook but these prop bets are typically available as well.


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When it comes to betting hockey, there are quite a few ways to do it, and some that are definitely more popular than others. We’ll explain in-depth each type of bet.
What is a Puck Line?
The Puck Line is a bet created solely for hockey. Hence the name. And because hockey games are usually low scoring affairs, the Puck Line is a mixture of a point spread bet and a moneyline bet.
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