How to bet on Boxing

Boxing may not offer you as many betting options as sports like football and basketball do, but it can be a very profitable type of betting when you do your research. There are typically three main types of boxing betting options, and America’s Bookie’s Boxing Betting section is here to break each down for you, and make sure that you are prepared to make the best possible boxing bets that you can. Let’s take a look at the different boxing betting options that are offered currently.

Money Line Boxing Bet

A money line boxing bet is essentially just betting on who will win the fight. Money line bets in boxing will have odds that change depending on which side is the favorite, and by how much they are a favorite. For example if Floyd Mayweather Jr. was fighting Victor Ortiz, Mayweather may have odds of -800, while Ortiz would have odds around +500. This would mean that Mayweather is a heavy favorite where you would have to bet $800 just to win $100. On the other side, Victor Ortiz is a big underdog, and you could bet $100 to win $500 on his bet. The bet would look something like this:

Odds to Win the Fight Outright:

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: -800

Victor Ortiz: +500

Total Round Bet

A total round bet is also considered an over/under bet. In this bet you would bet on how many rounds that you think the fight will go. There is a projected number of rounds by the sports betting site, and your job is to bet on whether it will be more or less rounds than that number. The odds on these bets don’t vary nearly as much as money line bets will, but can be excellent bet options, especially if you have two sides who are very equally matched. As an example, assume that the fight is a title fight, and will go 12 rounds. If the two sides are very evenly matched, the total round bet line may be set at 10.5 with odds of -110. This means that you can either bet that the fight will go less than 10.5 rounds, or more than 10.5 rounds, and that whichever side you bet will be a bet of $11 to win $10 with those odds listed above.

Prop Betting

Prop bets are also offered in boxing as well, and can offer some great betting options. The most common types of prop bets offered are how a fighter will win a fight. You can bet on a boxing prop bet of whether a fighter will win by decision or technical decision, or win by disqualification, technical knockout (TKO), or regular knockout (KO) also. A technical decision is if a fight is called due to a cut or blood. Here is an example of how a prop bet may look using the fight example above.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. by decision or technical decision: -600

Floyd Mayweather Jr. by DQ, TKO, or KO: -500

Victor Ortiz by decision or technical decision: +300

Victor Ortiz by DQ, TKO, or KO: +450

Boxing betting has grown to be very popular, and the larger the fight is, the more betting options that you will have available on it. Be sure to keep an eye out for the title fights as they will have the most betting options typically. Boxing betting odds are typically released a few months in advance to the fight, so you should also definitely be sure to keep an eye on the odds and watch how they move over the months before the fight. We’ve explained the bulk of the betting options on boxing betting, and if you are looking for information on any other sport, we have you covered!


Bettors often times wonder if they should wager with the odds, or if they should go with the moneyline bet. With moneyline betting you have the ability to risk very little to win a lot.
When you bet totals, you do not even have to concern yourself with who wins the game. All that matters to you is how many points, runs or goals are scored in the contest.
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