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Pitchers and catchers have reported and it’s nearly time to play ball. It’s unbelievable to think that the 2019 MLB season is upon us, but it is. Last season, we saw the Boston Red Sox claim their fourth title since 2004 and what a season it was for this team, the Sox pretty much ran the table and they left very little doubt, all season long. There are certainly more than a few good teams to compete with the Red Sox coming into this season. Can the Yankees finally take them down, what about the Astros? Can the Dodgers get back on track, what about the Cubs? There are certainly a lot of questions coming in and the one thing that bettors want to know; how to bet this season?

Baseball is the bread and butter sport for serious bettors and now that the sport is back, there isn’t a better time to explore some of the great betting options that you will find with your online bookie. Be sure to have your account loaded and the financials secure and be sure to look for a great dime line, however, betting baseball is much more than spreads and totals. The prop bets can be lucrative and you should know them. Here are a few of the great prop lines to help you make money this season.

Will the be a score in the first inning?

This prop line is always a fun one for a couple of reasons. First of all, as a fan you want your team to score first. In baseball this can be crucial it can lead to a win. Obviously, this is not always the case but many times it is. In baseball, the team to score first often wins the game. There will always be a prop line on whether or not there is a score in the first inning. In today’s game, this is a great prop line simply for the fact that we are in a “hitting era”. Teams get after it early and come out wanting to put runs on the board. Knowing your pitchers is the key to this prop. If you know your pitchers and you have handicapped the game, then you will win this prop and make a lot of money over the course of this season. This bet is fun not only because of the money-making factor but because you know if you are a winner in the first ten minutes.

How many hits+runs+errors will there be combined for the game, by both teams?

The fun thing for many when betting baseball is the stats. There are so many great stat lines in baseball and keeping up with them is a hobby for many handicappers. These kinds of bets are the ones that make the real money. You must know your team’s capabilities, how well they hit, how well they play defense and can they score against the opposing pitcher. Knowing the pitchers is a big deal with this bet and trusting one or relying on the other to give up runs is something you should definitely know. You are basically betting the combined total of runs/hits/errors. With this bet, you will either be rooting for a lot of action or a pitching duel. The odds are great on these bets and are always a great way to make serious money and not have to choose a winner.

Double Result

This is a great way to bet on baseball and stay engaged in the game. As we all know, baseball is a long game and many of the contests’ can get downright boring. A double result comes with six different options and what the bet entails is betting the winner of the first half Vs. the entire game. Will the winner of the first half, win the entire game? Maybe they won’t, maybe the winner of the first half will lose the second half but still win the game. There is also an option for the tie. Remember: Only one option can be the winner.

Alternative Run Lines

Just as in football, you have the option of choosing to make the underdog the favorite, and the odds on these props pay big money! The standard run line in baseball is either -1.5 or +1.5. The alternative run line, ups the ante by making the run line -2.5 or +2.5 and on up the line. The higher the line, the better the money pays. Know your teams, this can be a lucrative and fun way to bet on baseball.

Have fun betting on baseball this year. We know it’s going to be another great year with many close races in each division.


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