MLB Baseball Player Props

The MLB season is on top of us. There are more than a few great teams to follow and bet on this season and of course, the Boston Red Sox come to mind. The champions of baseball will hit the ground running and they will be a great bet all season. There are many great bets and this makes baseball more than lucrative. The problem is this; there are many bad bets as well and if you get caught up in betting bad teams, this can sink your betting budget very quickly.

Think beyond the normal, I.E. run lines, totals, and spreads. If you want to win consistently, then you must diversify with player props. This is a sure fire way to stay ahead of the game and win a pile of money over the course of a very long season. Here are a few of the many great player props available.

Total Bases

This is a great bet if you like betting on an individual player or a star of the game. This is especially a great bet when the pitching might be suspect. Knowing how well one player does against a specific pitcher is the key to winning this bet. There were hitters that hit Mariano Rivera! Edgar Martinez had the man’s number. The same can be said today. Find players that tag specific pitchers and you are off to the races. This is a bet on the total bases that a specific player will have in a game, including singles, doubles, triples and home runs. Remember, walks and/or “hit by pitch” do not count.


How many strikeouts will a specific pitcher record over the course of a game? This will be listed as a “total” you will have the option to take the over or the under. This is a classic prop that never gets old and an easy one to beat if you know and follow pitchers. The odds are always good either way and the opportunity to make some cash is good.


Who will have the most combined hits + runs + RBI’s? This is a great player prop that allows you to play on the success of a star vs. the success of a team. No longer will you need to worry about the final score. Bet this and you will be surprised at how fun it is and how much you can make in a day. Betting several players, with several different teams, over the course of a day is an engaging way to follow the game and win.

Hits. Yes or No?

This one is as simple as it sounds and requires you to wager on the yes or no question of will a specific player record a hit in the game or no? It’s another fun player prop that comes with high-earning potential.

Over the course of the last few years, baseball has become a favorite sport for sharp players. The “wise guys” love betting on baseball for one reason, the predictability factor. The good teams win many games and the bad teams lose just as many. The one problem is handicapping. You must do it if you want to be sharp. Betting the player props requires a lot less homework and it’s quick money. Good luck this year.


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