MLB Team Props

Baseball is back and it promises to be better than ever this season. There are a ton of great teams and even more great betting options. If you are thinking that you don’t know baseball that well and it seems that one day a team loses and the next day they win, “so why try”? Rethink this position. Baseball is the sport of choice for the sharp players. They will tell you that this is the one sport they can count on to make money. Football is certainly fun from week to week but it can be difficult to win. Baseball offers more then a plethora of ways to bet and some of the best lines are the team props.

Playing the props allows you to enjoy the game with no rooting interest and no concern for the final score. If you have never thought about team props, then do so now. Here are a couple of the great team props that are available for your enjoyment and even better, for your bank account!

Team to score first

This is a fantastic team prop and one of the best overall baseball props that you will bet on this year and there are a couple of reasons for this… This bet is as simple as it sounds—you are betting on which team will score first. This bet depends on who is quick to start and who has a tough 1, 2, 3 lineup. It also has a lot to do with pitching. Who gives up a quick run or two to start the game? There are many pitchers that do give up runs out of the gate and then settle down and give up very few. Knowing pitchers and the first three in the batting order will go a long way towards winning. The other great thing about this bet is– the bookmaker grades the bet as soon as the first score is recorded. It simply does not matter if the game is over, what matters is did you win the team to score first? If so, the money is in your account and off to betting something else.

Team Totals

Knowing the teams that you enjoy betting on is a key element to winning this bet and knowing the oposing pitcher will certainly be helpful. Take Justin Verlander for example, he is nails! He rarely gives up more than two or three runs, his opponent will usually be held to less than three or four. He is a great bet on the Astros going under the total. Of course, you must take into account how long he might pitch and the bullpen behind him. Betting individual team totals is a lot of fun and can make you consistant money. The strategy behind team totals is simple; know your opposing pitchers and know how well teams bat against him, then play accordingly. Remember, when betting team totals, the game must be official, in order to count as a win. If the home team is winnig, the game must go 8 ½ innings, if they are losing, the game must go 9 innings.

Have fun this year and invest wisely.


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