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Betting fans of the NBA have dealt with a 1,000 pound gorilla for a very long time, and that is a lack of parity in the league. For years, the NBA has produced a handful of the same winners. The same teams have been winning night in and night out, year in and year out for at least a decade. This trend has lead to “easy pickings” the NBA has been predictable and has been a fairly easy sport to win. The trend is changing, the tide has turned and parity is creeping in and quickly. Knowing how to bet for profit is becoming more and more difficult.

As an NBA bettor, how do you combat this trend? Easily; Game props. “There is more than one way to skin cat” and here our goal is to help you find what works. Sure, we are in the bookie business and sure we win some, but we lose some. We are bettors just as you are. The difference here is simple, we put up the money and you either decide to gamble with us or you don’t. Our philosophy is this: Everyone deserves a fair shake, a shot, a place at the table. You may not have a clear understanding of how to bet everything that the NBA offers and we take educated betting seriously. Just as in Las Vegas. Nearly every major casino offers free blackjack and craps lessons. Why wouldn’t we offer a tutorial on sports betting? It only makes sense.

There are two NBA game props that we are going to take a look at here:

  1. Margin of Victorynba-margin of victory
  2. Double Result nba-double result

The Margin of Victory

The Margin of Victory is a fun one and a prop that usually involves a bettor, betting on his favorite team. This prop bet is exactly what it’s described to be; margin of victory. In other words, how many points will one team win by? When looking at this prop line, you will see a few options.

*Example—Denver Nuggets Vs. Houston Rockets

To Win By— 1-5 +160

To Win By— 6-10 +225

To Win By— 11-15 +375

To Win By— 16-20 +750

To Win By— 21-25 +1200

To Win By— 26-30 +2500

To Win By— 31+ +8000

What this prop is telling you is this; you can bet any of the seven ways listed above, and the winning team must fall within the category you have bet on, in order to win. If you bet 1-5 at +160 and the winner falls in this category, then you are the winner. This is an easy way to bet and certainly a lot of fun

Double Result

Double Result This prop wager offers another exciting way to bet on your favorite team or any team that you may have handicapped and have a good idea of how many points the team will score and if they have a great chance of running the table— (wire to wire). A double result bet is one in which you call the winner of the first half and the winner of the second half.

*Example— Denver Nuggets Vs. Houston Rockets

(Den Nuggets – Den Nuggets +180)— (Tie – Den Nuggets +2500)— (Hou Rockets – Den Nuggets +500)— (Den Nuggets – Houston Rockets +500)— (Tie Hou Rockets +2200)— (Hou Rockets – Hou Rockets +160.)

In this bet, you are predicting the order of who will win the first half and who will win the entire game. This is a fun way to bet and it for sure keeps you in the game, every second counts when you bet this way and the bets come with a fantastic payout. The regular season offers great props but the playoffs offer even better and more expanded props. Keep an eye out for this fantastic opportunity.


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