NBA Player Props

If you love betting the NBA then the time is now to jump in and score some serious profit while following the game you love. Maybe you don’t bet the NBA very often and you are looking for an alternative to other sports; the NBA is definitely a ton of fun for several reasons and the non-stop action, being the fist and foremost. When betting any sport and especially the NBA, you must have a clear vision of where you are headed. Have a plan, set a budget, know how much you plan to spend and stick to it.

You may be the type of sports bettor that looks for easy and no-hassle ways to make a quick buck, who isn’t? Everyone wants to know the secret to making big profits and making them quickly. We have the solution for you. Number one… Betting the NBA is not nearly as difficult as you have heard it to be. The NBA is not only fun to bet, it’s profitable. The trick is knowing how to make it profitable. Many folks bet the spread, money line, and totals, and nothing more. If you want to win some serious cash, then you must step out of the box and learn how to make money and make it quickly. Follow these simple guidelines for betting NBA player props and you will see just how easy it can be to win money betting on this sport.

Take a look at a few of the great player props that are offered and why they matter:

  1. Total points by a player—This is a fun prop that allows you the bettor to win money on the performance or lack thereof on one of your favorite players. If the Lakers are playing the Houston Rockets, there will no doubt be player props on James Harden and LeBron James. The total points for LeBron might be 27, the total for Harden might be in the 30 range. You have the option to bet the over, or the under on the specific player being offered and the player that you chose. The player must play for the wager to stand and have action. If the player does not play, then the bet will be deemed “no action” and the amount wagered will be returned to you.
  2. Rebounds by a player—Another great NBA prop bet, that allows the bettor to bet on any given player that happens to be listed under this prop line. You are betting the total of rebounds the player will have for the entire game and the player must play the game.
  3. Points + Rebounds + Assists—This prop line is even more fun than the first two and more often than not, superstars of the game such as Lebron James, James Harden or Kevin Durant will be the ones that offer the line.
  4. Rebounds + Assists—This is a great prop to bet on when it comes to players such as Stephen Curry. Curry scores a lot of points but will often have a pile of assists and a few rebounds per night. There are many players that this bet works well for and it’s definitely a money maker.

The regular season is a ton of fun to bet on and the props make betting all the more fun. The NBA Playoffs offer even more props to choose from and the odds will certainly be in favor of the bettor. Have fun, and hopefully win some extra cash betting NBA player props.


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