NBA Team Props

You may be a bettor that bets all of the many sports that we offer. There are certainly many to chose from and a wide verity of ways to bet on each of those individual sports. You may also be a bettor that is looking to diversify. Your betting portfolio is as important as a Wall Street portfolio. You bet because you enjoy the hobby but at the same time, you want to win. That’s what betting on sports is all about, winning. If you find yourself in a bit of a hole or simply bored with your betting routine, then you need to mix it up, Live a little, have fun and most importantly, make money!

NBA Team Props are a great way to diversify. The NBA offers a large variety of ways to bet. Most bettors do not use the many options that are available to them. This is a fallacy and if you find yourself in this category, then you are probably one of the bettors that’s either in the hole, or barley breaking even. The way to bust out of this vicious cycle is to open up the playbook and jump to other options. Sure, it’s fun to play the NBA money lines, the spreads and totals, however, there is a much bigger world out there and you don’t want to miss out on a money-making opportunity.

1. Team Totals (OT) Included

Betting team totals is a great way to go if you like betting on your favorite team but don’t necessarily have the confidence in your team to cover the spread. It’s also a great way to bet any team in the NBA. You are certainly not limited to your favorite teams and you should never limit yourself in this manner. Team totals is exactly what it says it is—you are betting the over/under on the team you chose and only that team. You are not betting the combined total points of the game. With a little handicapping and knowing the teams you choose to play, you can win some serious cash and build that bankroll for the playoffs.


2. Teams to Score First

Nearly every NBA game has the option for this prop line and it’s simply fun to play. Knowing who gets the usual quick start from tip-off is the key to winning this bet. The beauty of this bet is knowing that you are a winner, within the first minute, then you have the option to continue betting the game live and make even more money.


3. Race to 20 Points

This option is one of the most fun betting prop lines to play when betting the NBA. This prop is a big time money-maker and all it takes is knowing the trends and how the two teams play. There is nothing quite as exciting as simply betting on the team to score the first 20 points. It will keep you engaged for the first quarter, that’s a guarantee.

The NBA is one of the most action-packed, fun-filled sports to bet on and the playoffs present an even better opportunity for a larger verity of team props. Be sure to watch for the many great team props that we offer during the regular season as well as the playoffs.



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