NCAA Basketball Game Props

The NCAA has done one thing extremely well, they have nailed the NCAA Tournament in March. “March Madness” is what every Division I team lives for and there isn’t any other goal that matters more than getting in the field of 68. Out of 351 teams, only 68 get in, 32 of those teams earn their way in by winning their conference championship or by finishing with the best record. Another 32 get in with an “at large bid”, meaning they are selected by the selection committee on “Selection Sunday”. The four remaining teams are play in games.

There simply isn’t another sport quite like college basketball. The kids (players), outshine NBA players in nearly every category. They’re tough, they grind, they battle, and they want to win every single time they take to the hardwood. Not only are these guys fun to watch, the games are extremely lucrative if you know how to bet them. Because there are so many ways in which to bet on college basketball, we want to give you the best ways in which to make money. There are great bets in basketball and then there are a few, not so great bets.

Game props can be a very rewarding proposal from a bettors perspective but like any bet, you must know what it is that you are betting on before you hand over the cash. Have you prepared for the game you want to bet on, have you done your homework? Handicapping a basketball doesn’t take a lot of time, however, it will take some time and if you are handicapping several games then be sure and find a great handicapping website to help you with your picks.

  1. Double Results— This game prop is a fantastic way to bet if you think one team can run the table, basically win the game from wire to wire. A double result bet, means that you will be betting on one team to win the first half and then one team to win the second half or betting the same team to win the first and second halves.
  2. Margin of Victory— This is a fun way to bet because you have no rooting interest in any one side. You are betting that one team will win the game by a certain amount of points, from one starting number through an ending number. In order to win this bet, your teams final winning score must land within the block of numbers in which they win by. They win by 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, or 21-25. This bet includes overtime.

*Example— Kansas Vs. Kentucky

To Win By— 1-5 +160

To Win By— 6-10 +225

To Win By— 11-15 +375

To Win By— 16-20 +750

To Win By— 21-25 +1200

  1. Total Points Scored— This bet is very similar to “margin of victory” the format is the same. There is a list just as in the above example and there are odds attached to each subcategory of numbers. You must pick one. This bet is for total points scored by both teams

If you want some extra excitement and a for sure way to make some great money, then by all means start betting on game props. You will find this to be a nice change of pace and the money is a bonus!


NCAA Basketball Player Props
Betting on NCAA Men’s College Basketball is a ton of fun and can be super rewarding if you come prepared. Of course, betting on this sport is not difficult, it’s actually very easy.
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Betting the team totals is an exciting way to follow your favorite team and/or a hot team at the moment. You know the teams capabilities and you are prepared to bet one way or the other.
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