NCAA Basketball Team Props

Betting on NCAA Men’s college Basketball is always exciting and fun. When the top 25 teams are playing against each other, these games usually go down to the wire, the last second, and these kids play with passion, heart and the desire to win. They are showing off their skills for NBA talent scouts and they want noticed. Not only do they want noticed, they want to win every single game in order to keep their ranked status so that if something does go wrong at the end of the season and the team fails to win their conference, they can still qualify for an “at large” bid. The main goal here is finding a way into the NCAA Tournament in March, “March Madness”.

There are many choices when it comes to betting on college basketball and it can either be overwhelming or underwhelming. When we say “underwhelming” we mean that you bet the usual, such as the point spread. There are many more ways to bet and even better ways to win money. Take for example Team Totals.

Betting on team totals is a way to avoid the point spread, avoid taking one side or the other and avoid having to deal with a final score and hoping that you either cover the spread or that the underdog  keeps it close.

With team totals, you are betting on one team of your choice and that one team only. You choose either the over or the under. You make this bet based on your knowledge of the team. You have handicapped the team or you have found a great handicapper or game adviser site that can help you along the way.

Betting the team totals is an exciting way to follow your favorite team and/or a hot team at the moment. You know the teams capabilities and you are prepared to bet one way or the other.

Keep in mind that during “March Madness” there will be many more team props offered then there may have been during the regular season. During the regular season, team totals are a fantastic way to find great odds and win a nice chunk of money along the way. Always bear in mind that overtime is included in this type of bet.


NCAA Basketball Player Props
Betting on NCAA Men’s College Basketball is a ton of fun and can be super rewarding if you come prepared. Of course, betting on this sport is not difficult, it’s actually very easy.
NCAA Basketball Game Props
Game props can be a very rewarding proposal from a bettors perspective but like any bet, you must know what it is that you are betting on before you hand over the cash.
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