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In sports gambling it is often said “win on Saturday, give it all back on Sunday”! Hopefully this is not true in your case, but for many this is exactly what is happening. Predicting college football is not extremely difficult. Predicting the NFL with any kind of consistency, it can be very difficult. Usually, we can all call upwards of ten games per week straight up, but then try placing those same games in a parlay, even two-team parlays, suddenly this thing called gambling just got much more difficult.

There are ways around the difficulties and it’s simple; Game Props. By betting game props, you are giving yourself a much better chance of ending the day as a winner. The goal here is winning and there is nothing worse then being down, after a great day of football. Start playing game props and you will see a marked difference in your bankroll.

  • Time of first Score— This bet is proposing that there will or won’t be a score within a specific amount of time, in the first half. Example: will there be a score within the first 2 minutes, the first 5 minutes, etc.. This bet is placed as a yes or no type of bet. You are betting yes, there will be a score in the first two minutes or the first minute or whatever the oddsmakers have placed the time stamps at for the specific game. This is a fun way to bet and a great way to make money fast.
  • First Score of the Game— Type of Score—Will the first score of the game be a touchdown, a field goal or a safety? This is the bet, and you have the option to chose one. These bets pay well and are always another great option for winning money quickly on any given game.
  • Team to Score Three Unanswered times— This bet is really fun if you want to bet on your favorite team but not sure about choosing a side. This bet is also great when a team has a well-known, high powered offense. What you are betting is this; will there be three unanswered scores by any one team during the course of the game? Whichever team it is that you bet on, they must score either a touchdown or a field goal, three consecutive times, without the opposing team scoring. PAT’s and 2 point conversions do not count.
  • Score in the Last 2 Minutes— You are betting whether or not there will be a score in the final two minutes of the first half. This is a yes or no bet and as always, a fun one. This bet is especially fun in the playoffs.
  • Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown— You are betting whether or not there will be a defensive or a special teams touchdown during the course of the entire game. This is a great bet when a team with a well-known defense is playing and the are very stacked in favor of you, the bettor. This is a yes or no bet and it definitely keeps the action exciting.
  • Longest Touchdown— This bet is one in which you will be offered a series of yards for the longest touchdown in the game… (Example Only)- Longest Touchdown-more than 30 yards, more than 40 yards, more than 50 yards, more than 60 yards and on down the line. You know for a fact there will be touchdowns scored, so the key is knowing the quarterbacks and the defense they are playing against.
  • Longest Field Goal— This bet works the same way as the longest touchdown. How long will the longest field goal be? 25 yards, 35 yards, and so on. The trick to this one, is having a great idea of who the kickers are and what their abilities are. Also knowing the teams and how many field goal attempts they may put up during the course of a game.
  • Number of Touchdowns— You are betting the total combined amount of touchdown for the entire game. There will be numbers such as 4.5, 5.5 and on up. You can bet the over or the under. This is a lucrative bet and you can win a pile by doing a little research on both teams ability to score as well as play defense.
  • Shortest Made Field Goal for the Game— This bet is just as it sounds. You will be given choices just as you are in the longest field goal. If there are no field goal made during the course of the game but at least 1 attempt, then the under, will be the winner.
  • Total Field Goals Made by both Teams— You know your teams, you know their scoring habits, now you can bet on how many field goals will be made by both teams combined, during the course of the game. There will be a number and you will have the option to bet over the total or under the total.
  • Total Punts by both Teams— How well does the defense play? This is the question for this bet. Knowing defenses is the key to winning this fun prop line. You are betting the over or the under.
  • Total Sacks by both Teams— Which teams get after it up front? Which teams have a fantastic offensive line? These are the key questions when playing this bet. This is a fun bet if you like defense and you like big hits. There is a lot of money to be made playing the over/under on sacks.
  • Double Result— This is a wager in which you are betting that one team will win the first half and the second half, or that one team will win the first half and the opponent will win the second half, as well as one team or even both teams to tie the second or the first half. There are six options to choose from and they all pay great odds. This is a great way to bet with a low risk factor.
  • Total Points Scored—This bet offers a list of possible points scored by both teams combined. (Example Only-Will Very Per Teams) 0-20 +4000, 21-30 +800, 31-40 +400, 41-50 +180, 51-60 +220, 61-70 +450. There are six options to choose from and again, knowing what both teams score from game to game is the key to winning this bet. As you can see, the odds pay very well and this bet can win you a lot of money.
  • Winning Margin— This bet is won by wagering on the amount of points that one team will win by. (Example Only) Packers Vs. Steelers— Steelers 1-6 +425, 7-12 +800, 13-18 +1200, 19-24 +2200, 25-30 +4000. Packers +320, +425, +600, 900, +1400, +2200. This is another fantastic way to go if you want to win a lot of money for little risk. This is a fun bet that will keep you in your seat all game long.
  • First Score of the Game— Type of Score—How will the first score of the game be scored? Will it be a rushing touchdown, a passing touchdown, a fumble, a safety or a field goal. Go back in time a few years and maybe you will remember that a safety was actually the first score in the Super Bowl! It does happen. This is a fun way to bet and one that will win you a nice payday if you play your cards right. There will be individual odds on each way possible in which to score. You will have the choice. The type of score must be listed, in order to win.
  • Adjusted Lines— Adjusted lines are better known as an alternative point spread. This is a great way to bet if you feel that one team has an added advantage over another, and the oddsmakers are simply wrong for this game. You are basically betting the opposite of which direction the odds makers think this game will go, but with many options available. In this offering you will see numbers such as in this short example:


Buffalo Bills               Miami Dolphins

-5.5 +300                    +5.5 -450

-5 +280                        +5 -400

-4.5 +275                     +4.5 -390


The list of offerings on this particular wager type can be extensive, the book will offer you many great options and many great ways to win. Be sure to check out all of the prop options and diversify. You will do yourself a huge favor by playing props.


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