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If you are an avid NFL bettor, then you are always searching for an edge. You’re looking for the best lines, the best odds, and the best games. A little bit of know-how goes a very long ways when it comes to winning this sport. We all know that predicting the NFL with accuracy is not always an easy task and you bet on the NFL for one reason; you want paid! We get it, we understand where you are coming from and we have put together a way in which to help you be more successful at winning.

NFL player props can be a great way to pick up a nice chunk of extra cash and have a lot of fun in the process. Remember, if this isn’t fun, then what’s the point? If you are not winning money, then you are not having fun. It’s time to start enjoying this hobby again and finding new and creative ways to win. Check out the many individual player props and be sure to look for them in all of the upcoming NFL games.

  • 1st Scoring Player— This prop allows you to bet on who you think will be the first player in the game to score. There will be a select list provided and there will typically be several of the more high-profile players listed. You will have the choice to pick one and there will be set odds on each player provided. This could be a running back, the quarterback, a receiver, a tight end, or the kicker. There will be numerous options available and always with great paying odds. This is a lucrative bet and absolutely a fun way to get the game started.
  • Total Passing Yards— Who will have the most passing yards for the game? It will for sure be a quarterback and there will for sure only be two listed. Of course, this doesn’t meant that only two quarterbacks will play throughout the course of a game but it would be highly unlikely for a non-starter to get the most passing yards for the game. This is a great bet if you have confidence in one quarterback over another.
  • Total Receptions— This bet is very clear cut, it is exactly what it says. Who will have the most receptions for the game? There will be a list of receivers available to bet on, with odds attached. This is a fun way to bet on your favorite receiver or simply who you think will get the most looks in a game.
  • Will the Quarterback Throw an Interception— This prop is usually listed as 2 quarterbacks and is available as a yes or no bet with odds attached. From time to time, this prop can also be listed as an over/under and a set number to bet, on a specific quarterback.
  • Total Rushing Yards— Which player between the two teams will have the most rushing yards for the game? In this prop, there will usually be two players listed with set odds for each player. This is another fun prop to bet on because it gives you a rooting interest in one player.
  • Total Rushing Yards + Reception Yards— Which player will have the most combined yards both receiving and rushing. This is a great prop to play on a team that has a great all-purpose running back. You may find the line a bit lopsided on the favorite, but well worth the money. This is a big winner.
  • Total Touchdown Passes— You are betting the total number of touchdown passes by a listed quarterback. Normally, there are two listed. The quarterback that you bet on must play in the game for there to be action on the bet. This is an over/under wager. The great thing about this bet, you can bet both starting quarterbacks if they are both listed.
  • Largest Completion— This will be an individual bet between the listed quarterbacks. The quarterback must play for action on the bet, and this will be listed as an over/under, such as (Example Only)-Andrew Luck- over 37.5 -125/Under 37.5 -110. Knowing what the quarterbacks longest, shortest, and average passes were on the season will be very useful information.
  • Longest Reception— Who hauls in the longest reception of the game? This is a “no reception under wins” bet. So the one player out of those listed, that comes up with the longest reception on the day, that player is the winner. This is a very predictable bet if you do a little handicapping of the receivers.
  • Kicker Total Points Scored— This is an over under bet on listed kickers. They must play to receive action on the bet. Which kicker will score the most points in the game– that’s the wager.
  • Solo + Assist Tackles— If you like defense and have a favorite defensive player, then this is the bet for you. This bet is total tackles + assist tackles combined. This is a predictable stat, especially with teams that have a dominate , big name player.

Player props are exciting and they definitely keep your interest in the game. You may find yourself rooting for the enemy! As long as it wins you money, that’s what’s important. Play around with the many different player props available and you will discover a new world when it comes to betting the NFL.


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