NFL Special Player Props


It’s that time of year once again, the NFL playoffs are underway and the games are guaranteed to be intense, fun, close and most will most likely go to the wire. The hard part is predicting the final outcome and betting these games with accuracy. There are some fantastic games, we have no doubt about this, but how is money going to be made, what’s the best approach from a gamblers standpoint?

When the NFL playoffs finally arrive, players want the action and they want options. Americas Bookie understands this better than anyone and for this reason, we create many more options through props and in this case-player props. There are so many great ways in which to bet on the NFL in general, that thinking of even new ways to bet can be a bit mindboggling, however, this process is easy and best of all, a proven moneymaker for you, the sports bettor. Take a look at three great special player props for the playoffs.

Will Quarterback X throw an Interception

You can replace “quarterback X” with any of the quarterbacks that are playing in this years remaining playoff games. Example: “Will Dak Prescott throw an interception? This is a yes or no bet. There will be odds attached to the bet and you can bet either yes to an interception or you can vote no.

Rushing Yards by the Quarterback

This is simple and it’s an over/under wager. There will be an attached number and odds to the listed quarterbacks for the game you want to bet on. you either bet over the posted number or under.

First Player to Score a Touchdown

There will be a list of players available to bet on, with odds attached. You choose who you like and if they are the player that scores first, you are the winner. This is a really fun bet for the simple fact that you can root for a favorite player to score and hope they do it quickly.

Don’t forget to bet the NFL player props this playoff season. They are a lot of fun to bet on and this type of betting certainly keeps things interesting. If you want to win money, then you must step out and live a little, enjoy your sports betting hobby.


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