NFL Team Props

There is a great way to make money when it comes to betting the NFL and that’s with team props. If you have never before thought of this as an option, then now is the time to check it out and start winning. Maybe your regular betting routine has not worked out as you had planned and possibly you are struggling, turn things around and discover how to get back on the winning side of the ball.

No matter what your normal betting routine may be, once you discover team props, you will quickly realize what you have been missing. If you are already an avid NFL prop bettor then you know how well these bets pay and you know the predictability level. Use this as a reminder and get back in the game and have fun.

Team Totals

This is a classic prop bet that is an all-time favorite and it’s definitely a winner. All you need to do in order to win this bet, is to predict that the team goes over a set total, or under the total. Give yourself an advantage and handicap what both teams score on average and how many points the opponent allows. Remember, overtime is included in a team total bet.

Team to Score First

This bet is as simple as it sounds. You are placing a wager on which team you think will score first. In football, this wager is much more predictable than in any other sport. You already have an advantage. There will be set odds placed on both teams and it’s up to you to decide who will strike first out of the gate.

Team Scoring First Wins the Game

This one is a bit trickier but certainly a lot of fun to play and the odds pay very well. Do your research and find out the statistics. Find a great website that can break all of the vital stats down and give you a leg up on this bet. How often does the team that scores first, go on to win the game? You must find out and bet accordingly. When you bet this way, you certainly have reason to cheer for that team, the rest of the game.

Betting on the NFL should always be fun and in order for it to be fun, you want to be winning more than you are losing. By finding alternatives to the point spread, the money line and totals, you are giving yourself the opportunity to win more money than you ever thought possible. The key to winning the NFL is knowledge, the more you have, the greater the chances of you winning your bets. It matters not what you bet, what matters is value. Make sure that each bet you make carries value. Handicap the team you want to bet on and handicap the players. This will give you an added advantage over the odds makers. There are many more ways to win, than to lose, make sure you are on the winning side.


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