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How can you make great money betting on hockey? Take a look at a quick overview of the many game props that are offered and seriously consider them the next time that you are going to place a wager on the NHL. There are a lot of ways to beat hockey but here are some of the best ways.

Adjusted Lines

Hockey is much like Major League Baseball in the fact that run lines exist, the difference with hockey is this; it’s called a point spread. Hockey has a point spread and nearly every game, every day, you will see an industry standard point spread attached to every team. That standard spread is -1.5/+1.5. This means that you can bet the favorite at -1.5 and they must win by 2 or more goals in order to win the bet or you can bet the underdog at +1.5 and they cannot lose the game by more than one goal. The Adjusted Line is pushed to -2.5 and +2.5. This gives you the bettor an added advantage and if you know your teams, you can win consistently betting in this fashion. Of course the odds change. With these bets comes a money line that’s attached.

  • Example: LA Kings Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (Standard Spread) LA (+1.5) -150 Tampa (-1.5) +130

Adjusted Line— LA (+2.5) -260 Tampa (-2.5) +200

You can clearly see the difference between the two standard spreads and the adjusted spreads. It is your job as an educated bettor to know your teams and know the best direction to place your money. This is a huge moneymaker and a very popular way to bet.

Totals work the same way with Adjusted Lines and regular rules apply here. You may know of a team that plays great defense, that team may be a great value on an adjusted totals line or the same can be said for any given team that plays very little defense. You bet the adjusted line the other way and win a pile every single night.


Hockey Periods

There are three great ways in which to play the periods. The first is the money line. Knowing who comes out of the gate quickly is the key to this bet. The second way, is the totals. Betting period totals is a lot of fun and you can avoid choosing a side, simply beat, the over/under. The third way, is to bet the spread for the 1st period. Again, this bet is lucrative if you know what teams comes in hot, and which teams tend to score quickly. Bear in mind,  that any 3rd period play, does not include overtime.

Score in the First 10 Minutes

The bettor has the option to play this prop two different ways. It’s very simple and a very quick way to make a very fast buck. You are betting Yes or No. Will a team score in the first 10 minutes, yes, or no. There will be a money line attached to this wager. You may also bet this same offer on each period, on selected games.

Grand Salami

This option is by far, one of the most fun ways to bet on hockey. With the Grand Salami, you are betting the total combined score of every hockey game for that day. You can bet the over or the under. Remember, you must get your wager in before the face off of the first game of the day, and every game must be played for there to be action.

Home Vs. Away

This is another fun bet that does not involve choosing a side. In this wager, you are betting that the aggregate score of all the home teams, beat the away teams or all the away teams, beat the home teams. Who scores more goals for the entire day of hockey combined, the home team, or the away team? All games must play, for the bet to have action.

3 Way Lines

This wager allows you to bet three different ways. You can bet the spread, you can bet the tie, or you can bet the total for regulation time. There are many ties on many night in the NHL and this can be a very profitable way to play. The key is knowing the competition and what two teams are well capable of a tie in head to head matchups.

These game props are some of the best ways in which to win and win big when betting on the NHL. If you want to win like a sharp player, bet like a sharp! The sharps make a lot of money on game props and so can you.


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