NHL Team Props

The NHL is fast becoming the game of choice for sharp bettors and if you want to win some real money betting on sports, then you must take a look at the many great ways to bet. Since the dawn of time, many sports fans have given the NHL (hockey in general) a bad rap.

For whatever reason, people say the game is boring, it’s too long, all it consists of is a bunch of dudes skating for 60 minutes and an occasional fight. Well, often a fight comes along and livens up the pace! Let’s get real, hockey is much more than this. What the NHL offers is comparable to that of the NBA. No, really. Yes, we know what you might be thinking, “how can we compare the NBA to the NHL?” Easily, the NHL has two goals, one on each end of the ice. The objective is for the offense to put the puck in the net, the defense must stop them. It’s a back and forth game just as in the NBA, the strategies are often the same. The outcome, is the difference between the two sports. Hockey is geared around defense and as fast paced as this sport is; try throwing $100 on an under, see if you like this game or not! You will stop playing other sports, it’s that good!


Team Totals

Betting on the total goals scored per individual team is a great way to win money and it’s great fun. This wager allows you the bettor to remain neutral. By betting on team totals, you no longer have to choose a side. There is not a rooting interest for one team to win, only score, or not score. You bet the over or the under on the posted team total for that specific game. Remember, overtime is included. Betting on the team totals is a lot of fun when you bet all of the days games. A little bit of handicapping will go a long ways to ensure your success.

Team to Score First

Knowing what teams come out rocking can often be the key to winning this bet. This bet is simple. You are betting what team will be the first to score a goal, this includes regulation time as well as any overtime that might be played. If you happen to bet on two great defensive teams, the game may go well into the third period or even overtime before the first goal is scored.

Betting hockey is fast, fun, and furious. It’s a great sport to bet on and one that will call your attention for every waking minute of the game. The even better news, is the fact that there are so many ways to bet this sport, should you get unlucky and lose a bet here or there, you can always find a way back. With some simple handicapping, you will be successful betting this sport and that’s a guarantee. Follow the trends, know the teams and players and you will come out ahead almost nightly.


How to bet on Hockey
When it comes to betting hockey, there are quite a few ways to do it, and some that are definitely more popular than others. We’ll explain in-depth each type of bet.
NHL Game Props
Take a look at a quick overview of the many game props that are offered and seriously consider them the next time that you are going to place a wager on the NHL.
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