Quarter Wagering Explained

Quarter lines allow the bettor to wager on the first, second, third and fourth quarter of basketball and football games. Quarter lines are generally posted at the end of the previous quarter.

Quarter betting rules are as follows:

  • Quarter bets are calculated the same as straight bets unless otherwise indicated.
  • Game must go the full quarter for quarter bet to have action.
  • Overtime in not included as part of the fourth quarter.
  • Parlays, Teasers and buying of points are not available on quarter bets.

Two tips about quarter wagering:

  • When you’re liking a big underdog in a college game and are able to get better than +7 across the board in all four quarters. Often times sharps will look to get 7 “and” the hook (1/2 point) or better hoping that their underdog covers a one touchdown margin more often than not during the game or better yet over the course of the season. With that being said, it’s all about more wins than losses (beating 52.38%) over the course of the season.

It’s a well known fact that college football favorites over 30 points have a poor rate of covering the spread so this may be a great value bet in certain spots.

  • A GREAT spot for a first quarter bet is a team that gets out of the box quick. Often times the bookie already knows this and it’s factored into the line; however, there can be some great value found in small college football and basketball games.


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