What is a Daily Double? How to Bet a Daily Double

The Daily Double is a bet where you try to predict the winner of two consecutive races. The standard wager amount is $1, but there are some tracks that have a $2 minimum wager for this bet. This was the first type of multi-race wager offered by tracks and is offered by almost any horse track in North America. It is most commonly found as a bet during the first two races of a card. Some tracks will also offer this for the final two races of the card. Some of the thoroughbred tracks run “rolling” daily doubles, where it is offered on every race except the last.

The great thing about this multi-race wager is that you are able to see the probably payouts before the first race goes off. This can help you know what your combination will pay out if it comes in.

Heavy favorites in either race will result in low probables across the board. If there are two heavy favorites in the two races, don’t expect to get much back. If you think these two are unbeatable, you may want to place more than the $1 or $2 on it to maximize return. However, realize that there are many others betting the same combination, so see if you can try to beat one of these favorites. If you think both favorites are vulnerable, try to beat them. This will lead to higher payouts and a better return on your bet.

As with any multi-race wager, you can use multiple horses in each race. If you find yourself liking one horse in either race, you may want to consider choosing that horse and hitting the “all button” (Choosing every horse in a particular race), especially if the opposite race is one you think anyone could win. The bad news is that you could win the bet and lose a few dollars if it the favorite comes in. However, you could get a decent return if a medium-priced or longshot horse comes in. If you plan to use multiple horses, and find yourself choosing half the field or greater, consider using all of the horses. This will prevent you losing the bet due to not including a horse.

The Daily Double is a bet that you’re not going to get rich on unless both races produce longshot winners. However, it is one that could provide you a profit and give you entertainment for two races, without a huge investment.

Daily Double is an interesting concept that can make or break some horse racing bettors. Be sure you do your research before you go placing big money on a daily double. Enjoy it – and good luck!


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