What is a Pick 3? Pick 3 Betting Explained

This is simple in concept but hard to do. In order for you to win this bet, you have to pick the winners of three consecutive races (Same concept for Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6). Most tracks will have a minimum of $1, but more and more are starting to allow a 50-cent version of this bet. A couple of tracks in Canada are even offering a 20-cent version of this bet. Something to remember is that you can choose multiple horses in each race. And in some races, you may want to exactly that.

To try to keep the bet small, you will probably want to find a “Single”, a race where you choose only one horse. If you are able to do this, it will either allow you to keep the ticket cheap or allow you to choose more horses in a later race. Don’t necessarily go and single a horse that is a big favorite unless you think that horse can’t lose. Beating a short-priced favorite can really boost a pick-3 payoff if you hit.

When choosing multiple horses in a race, it is best to look at the race and try to find a longshot or two to throw in. Most people will gravitate to the favorites, trying to make sure they hit the bet. This is a sound strategy, but if you are looking for a better payoff, don’t be afraid to take a risk on a horse you think that has a chance, and you don’t think many people will choose. If you find yourself struggling to find a horse or two that stands out, you may want to consider choosing every horse, or sometimes referred to hitting the “All Button” or “Buying the Race.” This will certainly increase the cost of the ticket, but could also be the best chance of beating a favorite and leading to a higher payoff. This strategy is also a good one to use if the number of horses you choose is greater than the ones you didn’t choose (EX: In an 8 horse field, you find that you would use 5). It usually isn’t too much more to include the other horses and prevents the inevitable time where you have more than half the field, and the long-shot horse you didn’t like, crosses the wire first.

These multi-race wagers, such as the Pick 3, are becoming a popular way to bet the races. It can allow for a greater value as it usually takes about an hour for 3 races to occur in. It also can lead to big payoffs for a small investment, if you can find the right combination. The 20 and 50 cent variations will allow people to try this and take more risks. However, if you are still really confident in a combination, you can always play it for $1 or more.

Enjoy betting on horse racing, and be sure to get to your favorite sports book today and place wagers on a Pick 3!


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