What is a Reverse Wager? How to Bet a Reverse Wager

Reverse wagers are another form of the “exotic bets” that can be found at sportsbooks everywhere. Reverse bets are one of the more basic kind of exotic bets. A reverse bet is where you are able to put two or more if bets together. In this, your action is covered both ways, kind of like boxing an exacta. Reverse bets can just be two teams in a bet, or they can also be three teams, or even four teams. You can bet on as many as four teams in the reverse bet.

For example, let’s take the National Basketball Association. Let’s say you are betting on the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks, in a 2 team reverse. Basically, you are betting two separate if bets. On each bet you are risking $55 to win $50. If both the Bulls and the Knicks win, you will return $200 and get back $310. This is the $200 for winning and $110 risked. If just one of your teams wins, you will lose $60, which is $55 from the first bet, and an additional $5 from the second, and will get back $50. If both of your teams lose – you will lose all $110 of your wager.

Reverse bets are available in all of the major sports, but are more prominent during football season. It’s common for sports bettors to do several if bets and reverse bets on the action in college football on Saturday, and then again with the NFL on Sunday. Reverse bets can also be placed on with the NBA, MLB and National Hockey League.

The payout for reverse bets can vary depending on the actual odds of each game. If you are betting on odds betting, and everything is -110, your payout will stay the same. The way to increase your payout in a reverse bet would be to wager on teams that are underdogs in the money line. For example, a reverse bet with the New York Jets +125, St. Louis Rams +150 and Detroit Lions +145 would pay much better than when you bet those teams with odds behind them.

Be sure to check out Reverse Bets. It’s another way to change up the way you bet on the action, and it also gives you chances to win in more ways then just a straight bet. You are giving yourself a chance to win more money – for less!

When making reverse bets – you want to be careful that are you not betting too much. While you like your chances to win some money when you place them all in one bet – you also have the chance to lose money with it as well. It’s a better idea to make sure you like all of the teams in the reverse bet, because one loss will really lower your winnings. Of course, if you feel like each team you are wagering on is a sure thing to win, then reverse bet it and you could make some pretty good money!


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