What is a Round Robin? Round Robin Betting

Round Robin betting is a very fun and quite simple way of putting several parlays together at once. When you place a bet on a round robin, you are picking anywhere from 3 to 8 teams you would like to bet on. Following that, you will elect to do parlays of anywhere from 2 to 6 teams. The calculation of a round robin can be a little complicated, but this is how it works.

If you did a three-team round robin; let’s say the teams are the Rams +10.5, Packers -6.5 and Lions +8. The parlays would be two-teamers, and there would be three of them. R.R #1 would be Rams +10.5 and Packers -6.5. R.R #2 would be Rams +10.5 and Lions +8. R.R #3 would be Packers -6.5 and Lions +8.

Let’s say you are wagering $50 on each round robin. With that $50 wager you have the chance to win $130 on each. Therefore, you are wagering $150, for a chance to win $390. From there, the odds – and the payouts differ according to how many teams are in the round robin and how much money you wager.

The thing about a round robin that differs from a parlay is that even if one of the teams in your round robin loses, you still have the ability to win some money. In the case of a three-teamer, you still can win one of the round robins. With a three-teamer – you will need to have two winners to bring back some money. One way in which your payout for a round robin MAY change is if you place a moneyline bet into it. In that case, the payout would either increase or decrease according to whom you have bet on.

Round Robins can be done in about any sport that you can wager on. These types of bets are most popular in the world of College Football and the National Football League. On a Saturday, you can round robin some 11:00 am games, and then again at 3:30, and then finish up with some night games. If you wanted, you could have put together a round robin of games from each time slot. However you wanted to do it – the choice is yours. In the world of the NBA, MLB or the NHL you have the ability to wager a round robin on any nights in which there are three games or more to be played.

Round robin bets are a ton of fun, because you have a lot of action at once. You also have the ability to win a good chunk of change while betting. Be careful with your round robin bets. While they may be a better bet than parlays because of the amount of options you have – they are still a tough bet. You can find round robin bets at most sportsbooks. If you can’t initially find them, be sure to look through the -exotic bets- section.


What is a Parlay?
A parlay is a collection of two or more teams, in which you must win all of the games to win the game. The problem is that you must win ALL of the games to get paid.
What is a Reverse Wager?
A reverse wager allows you to bet on two to eight games, similarly to a parlay wager, but the wagers are placed conditionally on the one prior to it.
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