What is a Side? Side Betting

A teaser bet is a bit of a parlay bet, which allows players to reduce their risk. A teaser bet offers the opportunity to bet on point spreads or game totals, and then “tease” or adjust the line to give them a better chance of winning. Of course, their chances to win come at a cost? which is reduced odds.

When you first do a teaser bet; you may be a bit confused as to what is going on with your bet. You should look at a teaser bet like a couple small; individual bets.

For a teaser bet; first you should find a line that you like. Let’s take the National Basketball Association for example. If you see the Philadelphia 76ers +7.5 vs. Boston Celtics, with the Over/Under set at 198; you can use a teaser to change either one of these. Let’s say you like Philadelphia to cover that spread (+7.5), which means they need to win the game, or lose by 7 points or lose. Let’s also say the bettor likes the under 198. They are saying that the total amount of points in this game will be less than 198.

Now, it’s time for the teaser points to come in. Let’s say the player is offered 5 points on the bet. If you choose the 5 points in the teaser, you are given 5 more points, which brings the line to +12.5, and the total bet moves to 203.

For this teaser bet to win, you need Philadelphia to win the game, or lose by less than 13, and you also need the two teams combined score to be less than 203. In the end, the teaser bet turns more into a parlay bet, and gives you flexibility. You will get paid far less, as a $100 bet may garner you $70.

If you are not worried about making a bunch of money with a bet, and you want a safe one, a teaser bet may be just for you. Teasers are especially good in those games that are hard to figure out and hard to predict. A great feeling is when you win a teaser bet that would have been a loss with a regular bet. Teaser bets are offered at most sportsbooks. Typically these type of wagers are characterized as “exotic” bets. If you are very confident in the result of a game, then a teaser may not be a good idea.

Teasers are most popular in sports such as football and basketball. The National Football League and College Football are known very well for their teaser bets. The NCAA Basketball and the National Basketball Association games are popular for this type of bet. Teaser bets are fun during the NCAA Tournament because you have the opportunity to get some points that are typically close. Those that win big money when betting on basketball or football use teaser bets as part of their arsenal to win. Good luck and enjoy taking advantage of some excellent teaser bets.


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