What is Buying Points? Buying Points Explained

Buying points is something that all the best sports bettors do at some point. Whether it is to their best interest to do it or not – all bettors have done it. If you are new to the world of sports betting, it would be a great idea to be familiar with that it means to buy points. Buying points in a sporting event could give you a huge advantage, and win some money!

Buying points is just how it sounds. You are buying a point towards the team you want to cover the spread. So for example, if the St. Louis Rams were +5.5 against the Dallas Cowboys, and you wanted to buy a point; now you could get the Rams at +6.5. On the other side of that, if the Dallas Cowboys were -5.5, and you wanted them at -4.5, you have that option. Instead of the typically -110, which means you are paying $11 to win $10, now you are paying an extra dollar (12) to win 10.

Buying points can be done with basketball and football. Baseball and hockey do not typically buy points, because the spreads are not typically over the one run or goal anyways. The NBA and NCAA Basketball will offer buying points for pretty much every game. The NFL and NCAAF is where it is most commonly seen used. The most common come when lines are 7.5 or 7, so a team can still win the bet, if they win by just a touchdown.

In the world of basketball it’s used just the same way. If the Kentucky Wildcats were -3.5 against the Florida Gators, you could spend that extra $1 or whatever it was to push that line to -2.5 In this case, bettors do this, because they really feel Kentucky is going to win the game, but they are nervous about how close the outcome may be. The same can be said for players that bet this with the NBA as well.

In the end, buying points is probably not the best financial decision. We do want to say that there are times to do it. Moving from 11/10 odds to 12/10 odds is never a great thing. But, if it’s a situation where you just know the game is going to be close, and that extra point will push you over the top – then do it. But, realistically, how many times can you really predict the margin of the game; or even be a point away. It’s never easy.

Be sure to check out buying points today. You do not want to waste time not knowing one of the essentials to the world of sports betting. All bookmakers will offer this type of bet; but please remember, when you buy points you are paying more to win less. Best of luck in all of your sports betting!


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