What is Futures Betting

Futures betting is a fun and exciting type of bet for the NFL. With a future bet, you are betting on season long action and getting paid out when the regular season or entire season is done. Futures betting is just what the name says, as you are betting on the future outcome in the NFL season.

You can make future bets such as which team will win their division, which team will win their conference, and which team will win the Super Bowl. One thing about futures betting is that you can get a pretty sweet payout if your bet hits.

Future Bets Explained

Let’s say before the season you think the Dallas Cowboys have a legit shot to win the Super Bowl. Well, then you can make a futures bet on just that. If you go to a legitimate sportsbook  then you can make that bet and many other futures ones.

The reason you can get such a good payout for a futures bet is that you are betting well beforehand and are picking a team to win a division, conference, or the Super Bowl. Picking a team to win those things is never easy, which is why sportsbooks give futures bets such good payout odds.

If you think the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl and they have odds at +800 to win it all. In this case using $100 as an easy example of how the futures payouts work — you can wager $100 on the Cowboys and if they do win the Super Bowl you will win $800. Not bad right?

The payouts will be greater for teams that are bigger underdogs to win a division, conference, and Super Bowl. Some teams are quite longshots with big payout potential. For example, heading into the 2017/18 season the San Francisco 49ers are in rebuilding mode. They have odds of +2700 to win the NFC West, +12500 to win the NFC, and a whopping +400000 to win the Super Bowl. Heading into this season, the defending champion New England Patriots are at +375 to win the Super Bowl and that is even a solid payout.


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