LibertyX Deposit Guide

LibertyX lets you buy bitcoin with cash at a number of retail stores across the United States. You’ll have to verify your identity before buying, making LibertyX less private than some of the other options. You can buy up to $100 worth of bitcoin and will be charged a 1% fee on all purchases.

This content’s mission is to give our customers a guide and new options to deposit to your preferred sportsbook accounts. LibertyX gives you an option to buy bitcoin with cash or debit card. Before completing a bitcoin purchase you must have a wallet already setup. You can use a different exchange wallet such as Coinbase, CEX.IO and Bitstamp.

How LibertyX Works

LibertyX operates the largest network of local stores where you can go and purchase bitcoin in-person. Our platform allows consumers to pay with cash or debit card to buy bitcoin from an ATM, cahier, or kiosk.

How to get started

You need to download the free LibertyX mobile app from or the Apple & Google Play App Stores. Create an account by providing your mobile phone number. You can increase your daily purchasing limit by providing additional information. Once you have an account, there are 3 simple steps:

  1. Find a store – Their mobile app helps you find a nearby store to buy bitcoin in-person. You need to use the geolocation feature or enter your city/Zip in the search field to find locations near you. Apply filters (e.g. cash vs debit card, or cashier vs. ATM) based on your preference. Click a store to learn more about its fees, hours and view photos.
  2. Create an Order – Your LibertyX bitcoin purchase is instant. As a result, you need to know where to send the bitcoin beforehand. Once you select your purchase location, you will be asked for your bitcoin address. If you do not already have a bitcoin wallet, you can download and create one for free.
  3. Complete Your Payment – Follow the location instructions to either pay by cash or debit card. Once your payment is complete, the bitcoin is immediately sent to the bitcoin address provided.

Once payment is confirmed by the cashier, ATM or debit kiosk, bitcoin is immediately released from LibertyX to the address you specified when creating your order. If you’ve purchased a PIN from one of their stores, bitcoin is immediately released to the address you specify at the time of redemption.

Even though your bitcoin is sent instantly after your purchase is complete, sometimes when the bitcoin network is congested, you may notice your bitcoin is taking a while to fully confirm in your wallet. The speed at which your transaction confirms depends on the miner fee you chose prior to purchasing (the greater you choose, the faster it is processed).

How to create a LibertyX Order Number?

A LibertyX order number is required to purchase bitcoin from one of our cashiers or ATMs. Make sure you have a LibertyX account and a bitcoin wallet before getting started.

  1. Find a store: To create a LibertyX order number, start by searching for a store near you.
  2. Start order: Once selected press Start a New Order
  3. Enter Bitcoin AddressBefore purchasing bitcoin through LibertyX you will need your own bitcoin wallet. This is where you can store and send your bitcoin to other bitcoin addresses.Destination addresses in LibertyX can be manually entered, but its always best, if available, to scan the QR code for the receiving address. This ensures the highest level of accuracy, but always double-check to make sure the code you’re scanning has not been compromised and matches the text of the actual address itself.
  4. Get Order Number: Your code will be valid for 2 hours.

How to redeem a PIN you purchased?

To redeem a PIN, you purchased from one of LibertyX’s retail location, you must first select the store on our website. Start by searching for stores near you, then click on the store that you purchased from.

One a store is selected, click on Redeem PINs.

Before redeeming bitcoin through LibertyX, you need your own bitcoin wallet. This is where you will hold your bitcoin to save or to send to their addresses. If you do not have a bitcoin wallet yet, you can check our Bitcoin guides to choose a preferred wallet service to setup.

If you cannot find your store please email the name of store you purchased from and your PIN to support@libertyxcom. Your PIN will be whitelisted to prevent it from expiring.

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