Last Man Standing Contest

All clients that have deposited from Sept 1st, 2023 to Sept 1st 2024, receive 1 FREE entry.

All clients who accumulated deposits from June 3rd, 2024 to Sept. 1st, 2024 are eligible to receive additional entries.


$100 to $499 = 1 entry
$500 to $999 = 2 entries
$1000 to $1999 = 3 entries
$2000 to $2999 = 4 entries
$3000 to $4999 = 5 entry
$5000 or more = 7 entry

All players must have an account with a valid and confirmed email as well as cell phone number. The deposit(s) have to be made before the start of the contest. The deposits are accumulative. The maximum amount of entries a player can have is 7.

In the NFL Last Man Standing (LMS) contest players must pick 1 game per week. There are no point spreads involved. The logic of the contest is simple: If you win your pick, you will advance to the next round. If you lose your selection, you are out of the contest. You can only select a team once in the contest. A winner is declared once they have won their daily selection and “all or one” of their opponents have lost their pick(s).

Last Person Standing, wins the entire pot! There is no second place. If there are still people left standing after the regular season the pot prize will be split among the winners.

All picks must be submitted before the 1st game of the week. If a contestant misses the deadline to submit their pick, they will be given the team with the highest point spread available, no exceptions.

► Contest starts Week #1 of NFL season
► The cash prize will be $5000, if more then 1 winner will be split
► Banned players are NOT eligible.
► If Account is inactive more than 30 days, contest prize is forfeited
► Payout restrictions apply if there is a pending rollover requirement

Last-man standing tips and strategies

The magic of Last Man Standing lies in its potent blend of simplicity and complexity. On the surface, the task is easy—pick a team to win. Yet, it becomes a challenge due to the restriction of not repeating teams and the unpredictable nature of sports.

Participants must weigh their choices carefully, considering the strength of teams, their current form, upcoming fixtures, and other factors such as injuries or team morale. This strategic thinking, coupled with sports’ inherent unpredictability, makes the game incredibly engaging.

Last Man Standing isn’t just about luck—it also involves strategic thinking and foresight. Here are some strategies to consider:

Save Strong Teams for Later: One common strategy is to save the strongest teams for later rounds, where you might need a guaranteed win. Early in the competition, you can take more risks by picking teams that aren’t favored but still have a reasonable chance of winning. This strategy allows you to have a ‘safe’ pick in the later rounds when choices are scarce.
Consider the Underdogs:

Consider the Underdogs: Don’t always opt for the apparent winner. Sometimes, an underdog can pull off an unexpected win. This strategy can pay off, especially in the early rounds where you want to save strong teams for later.
Monitor Team Form:

Monitor Team Form: Always monitor the teams’ current form. A team performing well recently is likely to continue its good run, while a losing streak might struggle to turn things around.
Home Advantage:

Home Advantage: Home-field advantage is a significant factor in many sports. Teams generally perform better when playing at home rather than away. When stuck between choosing two teams, it might be safer to go with the one playing at home.
Injuries and Player Availability:

Injuries and Player Availability: Player injuries, suspensions, or other availability issues can greatly impact a team’s performance. Keep an eye on team news before making your picks.

Don’t Follow the Crowd: It can be beneficial to pick a different team than the crowd in large pools. If the majority team loses, you could jump ahead of many players, even if your chosen team isn’t a sure bet.

Remember, while these strategies can help, the unpredictable nature of sports makes Last Man Standing so exciting. A strategic approach and a bit of luck are the key to outlasting your competition.



NFL Last Man Standing
In the NFL Last Man Standing (LMS) contest players must pick 1 game per week. There are no point spreads involved.
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