Pay Per Head

Pay per head is a service that local bookies are beginning to make more use of. It allows the local bookies to take their services online while maintaining a professional and personal touch to their business.

As the name implies, bookies pay a price per head – per active customer – and for this fee, they are provided with a comprehensive service. Not only bookies are attracted by the 247 pay per head services, but bettors who are not keen to place bets with an offshore online sportsbook, are also finding these php services attractive.

Pay per head

Are Your Sports Betting Customers Satisfied with Your Pay Per Head Site?

The biggest reason why any private bookie turns to a Pay Per Head site is for its online sports betting software solutions. Since it would be highly cost prohibitive to try and purchase this advanced software on your own or develop an operating system that is both dependable and secure; the low, weekly price per head fee you pay for these online sportsbook management solutions makes all the sense in the world. First off, you only have to pay a weekly fee for your active sports betting customer base and second, these bookie software packages are all- inclusive with no added costs or hidden fees for other features or benefits.

Most of today’s top Pay Per Head sites have made an additional investment in IT support and as part of your sportsbook management solutions, you will also have your own customized company website where your betting customers can easily access their online accounts to place their bets. Another important part of what a PPH service brings to the table is a highly trained customer service team that will normally come from a sports bookmaking background. In many ways, they actually work for you when it comes to quickly and effectively resolving any questions, issues or concerns that may arise with any of your customer’s betting accounts.

A very important part of the added level of customer service and personal attention to detail that you provide as an independent sports bookmaker is to always ensure that every one of your betting customers is satisfied with the Pay Per Head provider. This is the service that you have decided to partner with and they play a vital role in the whole business picture when it comes to successfully running and managing your own turnkey sportsbook.

You need to always stay way out in front of things when it comes to the smooth running of your company website as well as any interactions your customers may have with your PPH provider’s customer service staff. The main point of difference between your private bookie operation and any of the big offshore sportsbooks operating online is the higher level of overall service that they simply cannot match. However, in order to fully maximize this edge, you need a Pay Per Head software that views you as a true business partner as opposed to someone they simply bill each week to collect their price per head fees.

If you have been in the bookie business for any length of time, you have probably come across the type of customer who loves to complain about everything no matter how hard you try to keep them satisfied. Fortunately, these types are generally the exception and not the rule. The risk you run if your Pay Per Head site is not up to snuff is the quiet discontent that grows among the ranks. Most sports bettors will put up with some minor inconveniences from time to time, but if your price per head shop is having issues with operational downtime or an unresponsive customer service department, this is definitely going to affect your business in a negative fashion.

There is nothing wrong with actually surveying your entire sports betting customer base to gauge their overall level of satisfaction with your Price Per Head provider. The ultimate decision as to which online bookie software provider you employ is still up to you. However when you are armed with some valid feedback from the end users, this can go a long way towards making the right business decisions when it comes to running and managing your own independent sportsbook.


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